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Bhimashankar Via Shidi Ghat 03rd Sept 2017
A pristine place with hundreds of waterfalls all along the trek and splendid natural beauty will leave you awestruck. This was one more trek on my To Do List since long. Last year I had done Bhimashankar via Bhorgiri. This year I was ready for a more challenging one and opted for this. Basically, this place is so beautiful that just the thought of it refreshes me. I have been going to Bhimashankar once in the rainy season since last 3 years. It’s a religious place with jyotirlinga and Shiva temple but what keeps you calling especially in monsoon is the foggy jungle and the beautiful natural surroundings.

Leaving from Pune at midnight we started the trek at around 07:30 AM. The weather was wonderful. It was drizzling most of the time. We were a major Girl Gang for this trek. This trek was quite challenging as expected. The ascend via Shidi ghat was quite steep at places and we had to use the rope at 1 point. Rest places we managed to do it without the rope. Descend via Shidi (Ladder)for me is an impossible task. I simply cannot think of going down this way. Ganesh Ghat is a little longer route than Shidi but it’s a much safer route. My suggestion for all non-technical people-please doesn’t descent via Shidi Ghat. We descended and were back around 07:30 PM. It was a long day and a challenging path – 12 hours of the trek along with the revival breaks we took in between. A day well spent.


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