K2S: where summit is the only option #No Exit

I heard about k2s during my first trek to Dhak Bahiri Fort …a mob was talking about its toughness and the challenging endurance…

The interesting part of trekking is you get to know others experiences and the thrilling stories which always fascinates me….at that time only I decided to add it to my bucket ….

After that, I did 8-9 Trek’s including Mt. Kalsubai (Highest peak in Maharashtra) but for one or another reason canceled k2s many time ….

Last week I got a notification from SG trekker’s for k2s and prepared my mind thoroughly that anyhow I have to check this out from my checklist….

I started dropping a message to my trekking buddies and at last Jagrutee showed interest…So, the first task was done.

The second was to convince my parents and brother for night trek… Due to burning sun and hot summer … morning Trek’s are very rare….

So I started buttering my bro to allow me for the trek….and luckily he got convinced and then there was a sigh of relief as I was halfway done cz once bro gets agree mom and dad rarely restrict…..as expected after bro’s permission there was yes from parents as well…Before the seats get full I booked mine…..

As the trek is known for its challenging endurance I didn’t want to risk my life so from a week I started rigorous exercise …

It’s been a long time I have not done any trek (nearly 3 months) so I knew that it’s going to be a big challenge for me….

On 24th March 2018, Saturday morning the goose bump started in my stomach as I was waiting for this trek for a long time….

I had a word with Vishal (SG Trekker’s team lead) about the dinner….he suggested to take the dinner at 5 pm or to carry dry fruits or light snacks….

So that climbing should not be unbearable with full stomach….Reporting time was 7 pm @ Swargate Depot…

I headed towards Swargate from home @ 5:50 pm… I decided to take PMPML bus …soon the bus arrived and I on-boarded…

as I mostly use my private vehicle and knows the shortcut ways I estimated to reach by time ….but as it was totally not expected bus took the longest route

and heavy traffic slowed down the speed …it was 6:55 and I was @ Laxmi road …at that time my heart started pumping rapidly as I started fearing that if I got late…

I’m gonna miss the most amazing trek…..but with God’s grace I reached soon….One stuff gets over another got started…..

at such a sizeable location I had to search the trekking group…..hushhh…

I completely got lost in the mob within seconds…

I asked few members to post their live location on WhatsApp but still was unable to trace… Luckily I saw Pritam (trekking buddy)over there,

without missing a sec I waved my hand towards him….

It really gives good vibes when u find a known one at an unknown place…. I accompanied him and within 15 -20 min we tracked sg group…

a group of 20-25 members was already gathered over there….Vishal asked me to go with the first batch of ppl ….but

I decided to stay back there as Jagrutee was yet to arrive … @ bus stop I meet Swapnil and Vinay who was with us

during the whole trek giggling and laughing on my Vidharbhian Marathi accent….

But I think it’s always good to get accompanied by people who are from other regions ….

you get a lot of words highlighted quickly which you always spell wrongly….

Thanks, guys for correcting me every now and then….Jagrutee arrived in next 15 minutes

and then I had a glass of juice and we moved towards the bus….by that time it was 9 o’clock ….roads were partially silent…

By 9:30 we reached the Katraj old tunnel…as it was dark Vishal informed that we are going to have the introduction round in the morning

and he gave us the briefing of the whole trek….

Guys, we have to cross 14 hills and expected time is 7-8 hours is what Vishal informed us…..

We took 15 min rest till the last guy came….few literally considered it as rest and took a nap ….

Jagrutee introduced me to her friend prakhar…we had a casual talk on trek…

@9:45 pm with 50 trekker’s and 4 coordinators we started the trek …soon we saw the poisonous snake 🐍 though he was short but was too proactive…

keeping a distance from him we kept on moving….

Within 25 minutes we were on the top of the first hill…..the view of Pune from Top of Kkatraj old tunnel …I don’t have any word to describe it…. 

the word wow, amazing etc-etc are not enough to explain the beauty….

Have a look at the pic:

The first hill was crossed and my breath was high…but I decided not to stop as being in the first group gives you more benefits like resting for a long time till the last trekker arrives….

After crossing the first hill up and down we took a rest of 5 min which helped me to regain my normal breath…

we moved towards the second hill and near the base of it, I started feeling fade….

it was literally going tough for me to keep on going …i was sweating like I took the shower…

my brain was saying “NO” but there was no exit the only summit is the option….a combat started between my mind and heart ….

brain asked me to give up and go back to base but my heart was convincing to my brain that I can’t leave the field and the challenge like a coward….

whether it’s a trek or exercise first 15 min always shows you the “36 Koti dewat”….lolzzz….somehow I completed the second hill….

but still was struggling with the right decision as I just crossed 2 hills and 11 such more hills to go …..

Vishal saw my pale yellow down face and gave a sigh of relief by telling first two and last two are tough rest you can manage well…..

his words really helped me to keep on going….….and by the time my heart conquered my brain…and decided to keep on moving…

After crossing 4 hills we took a break of 20 min for snacks and water…

Pritam brought the “matki and chapati…” so I had a bite from his Tiffin….i decided not to eat much as it may cause more health problem ….

Few ppl took a nap and then we started the trek again….One more interesting part of K2S is its assent is tough but the descent is toughest….

One wrong step and you will start rolling down like a stone….so at many places, I thought it’s better to go slowly or by sliding ….

One after the another we crossed 7 hills …nearly 50 % trek was done….we took a break as I was in the first batch …I got more time to rest….

by the time I was feeling hungry …..I took out the snacks from my bag and not even thinking for a while about my muddy and dirty hands I started eating….

lolz….a person who never even it a single bite of food without washing hands was eating snacks with muddy hands….

time and situation teach us a lot….

Just while having conversations with Vishal someone asked is there any tough hill remaining now …he said, “yes, next 4-5 are easy but last two are tough.”

The XYZ person(sry I don’t remember whose comment it was) said ok then let’s complete the toughest one first

and everyone over there burst out into laughter….which eventually relaxed everyone’s mind…

The birds light chipping sound, the open clear sky, the cold breezes and the silence all around brought a smile on my face

and I said to myself yes this the reason I like to trek which gives me a worthwhile reason to live 😃


So after having food and a nap for 5 min, we started moving towards destination….It was tough again to move on after having food and a short sleep….

tilting my body towards the ground I started climbing again….. crossed the 8th hill and again few rested for the while but I decided not to take a nap as it was getting tough to step again….

I asked Vishal,”how many more hills to go?” and he said “we are almost near the summit”

and this is how trek lead keep on encouraging us by keep on saying “almost done” from last 1 hour😂

Btw yes, the last 2 hills were really tough but in the excitement of completing the trek and reaching the summit….

the pain was very negligible….

@4:20 in the morning we crossed the last hill and joy of completing the trek was bursting out from each

and every fatigue face….

Vishal decided to stop over there till all the trekker’s come to the base and the expected arrival of the last trekker was ~1 hour

so we took our place and within minutes got lost in deep sleep…

by 5:15 we woke up by that time darkness was light and the air was too cold…

after walking for 15 min we reached the main highway from where the Jeep came to pick up…

few decided to go Sinhgad Fort by walking….

We got to saw the mesmerizing view of the sunrise from the top…

we had a photoshoot at the top of Sinhgad Fort ….we had a delicious lunch of pitla-bhakri, Kanda bhaji, and curd ….

in the morning got to know the faces and names of all the people who were accompanying in the night after introduction round….

lots of group photos, selfies, and new friends company is what I enjoyed @ top…

So, this was all about K2S …a range trek which is “BAAP” of all treks….

Keep Hiking ✌

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Amruta Lohabare

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