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As the people in Pune rejoice over the rains after a long sweaty summer, it won’t be long before they start cribbing over the water-logging and traffic mess that the rains in Pune usually brings along with it. To escape from that, we have a list of places awesome places to visit near Pune in monsoon. They are just outside of Pune, which makes them perfect weekend getaways.

Here we present the monsoon treks in June & July 2017.

June 2017

July 2017

A hill station in the mighty Sahyadri ranges, this place near Pune, Mumbai, and Nasik etc. in monsoon is engulfed in green hills and innumerable waterfalls. Sahyadri Mountains is also home to various flora and fauna; an excellent place to visit nears these cities for outdoor activities like trekking, hiking etc.

Sahyadri mountains reminds us of the different shades of Green: light and dark green mosses grown over dark woods; yellowish palm fields in the valleys; green grasses along every path that you see & dark green forests of the western Ghats. Other than these different shades of color, rain is what that catches up our fascination.


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