Born for journey
Done many trek with SG
awesome experience


Today only I finished night trek to Harishchandra Gad with SG trekkers…. wat an experience… SG Trekkers is like trekking with the team which is like ur best friends. So nice plan, execution and funn… Will keep hiking with this family…Thanks for the trek.


Really great team With Vishal Rahul and Aalekh. It started with Kalsubai and most important night trek. We have enjoyed at highest Peak in Maharashtra. Then 32kms long trek to Rajmachi (16+16kms). One of the most desired trek is K2S – the test of your endurance.
I am food lover and SGTrekkers always takes care of my food. I remember the Poha and Chai at 2am in base village of Kalsubai. It was awesome and mind-boggling . The taste of such food never came by only paying the money. You have to have a good management and co-ordination with the locals. SGTrekkers deserves to get applauded for this.
For every trek, there is one the member who gets tired in-between the trek and her/his belongings becomes burden for respective person. If you face these issues please talk to Rahul (Bodybuilder/Parshya). He will be there to help you out.
Really happy to be part of this Group 🙂


I have taken part in several treks with SGTREKKERS and happy to recommend them to anyone. Their treks are always very well organized, at very reasonable charges and with great sense of safety. I appreciate their eco-friendly and educational approach towards environment and nature and also with their passion towards trekking and hiking.

Additionally I admire their outlook and vision towards utilizing public transport services and local resources.

I also very impressed with their innovative and technologically sound promotion and motivation strategies.

The team is approachable, supportive, caring, fun loving, very friendly and that keeps trekking atmosphere very pleasant, energetic and inspiring and that makes the trek truly enjoyable. They always guide you about trekking techniques, safety precautions, physical fitness and about using trekking gears Their each team member has got some unique qualities which makes the group extremely powerful and well-matched.

I would like to congratulate them for successfully completing one year with great trekking achievements and looking forward having more and more treks with them.

My best wishes to team SGTREKKERS!


It was fun with you guys !! I will look forward for K2S with your team.. hope to meet soon !!


Awesome experience. At first all were unknown to me bt I didn’t felt as if I was new in d group. It was just like homely experience for me. Will be there always with SG. Now waiting for 14th August for Kalsubai…..


I wish you all well and hope to stay in touch.
Highly recommended group.


This was my first trek in Pune. I enjoyed a lot on that day. Got many friends and their contacts. Really Awesome trips with SG trekkers.

Thanks SG Trekkers. All the Best…..Do whatever that makes you happy to all.


Done many treks with SG. Going with SG is like playing on home ground pitches. Safe, flexible, no last minute cancellations….


Firstly, Thanks to my Friend “Bhagwan” for invite me to this trek, you all guys are awesome , actually i wanted to gave a trek experience with unknown people,but when i joined you i didn’t felt like that… it was really a good experience with you all. In kolhapuri language…… “Nad Khula”…..1 no. zala trek .


This was my first trek with SG. Awesome experience. Co-ordinators like Vishal, Aniket, team Hirkani n especially Shankar Dada who was there with me till end. In future also will be there with SG by becoming one of the part. Guys now will be back with u on 14th August.

#Sairat zaal jiiii…..


SG Trekkers…..I got introduced to this group by Savita madam, (iron lady as she is dearly called by fellow-trekkers), regular trekker with SGT…I asked one of the coordinators as to what does SG stand for? “Swachand Giryarohak” was the answer….and I was like okay?…though I have done only a few treks (7-8 probably) with SGT, this group is just like an extended family……Vishal, Rahul, Milind, Nehali, Vaishnavi, Siddhi, Sayali, Smita, Kiran, Bhagwan, Aalekh (sorry if I have missed any names)…..must say an exuberant bunch of guys and gals…shared a lot of information about the place and also stories about their trekking experiences good and bad both as we walk through  to the top of the fort(ress)…always there to extend their helping hand whenever in need…caring and motivating everyone…. Vishal with his patent answer “pohochlo apan, 10minit faqt” for the FAQ “kiti velat pohochu gadavar or ajun kiti chalaychey aahe?” I really admire these guys as to how they manage their studies/work and treks….Way to go guys….Keep trekking…keep exploring….kharach you guys are swachand giryarohak ?


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