COVID-19 Safety Measures

Your well-being is our top priority!

The safety of our travellers has always been our number one concern. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have evolved our operating protocol to build in additional measures that build on our existing safety and risk mitigation strategy.

We urge everyone heading out to enjoy the outdoors to be mindful of how their individual actions reflect on the whole outdoor community. The key will be for individuals to take a sensible approach to their activities, use your judgement to manage the risks, and to consider the social responsibility we all have to each other, to protect our emergency services and to minimize the transmission of COVID-19.

Here is a snapshot of the safety measures that are now in place on our trips:


  • Collection of a pre-departure health declaration to be completed by all participants with specific COVID-19 questions around whether they live in a declared ‘hotspot’ have complied with any quarantine requirements, and disclosures if they have contracted and recovered from the virus or been in direct contact with any person/s who has been confirmed with coronavirus.
  • A response plan developed by the SG-Trekkers in the event that a participant presents with coronavirus symptoms during a trip.
  • Mandatory temperature testing at the arrival point of the tour.


  • If any passenger is presenting with COVID symptoms, activation of the response plan and immediate isolation from the group.
  • Liaison with local medical authorities.
  • COVID test as soon as is feasibly possible. (With testing charges.)

Group Size

  • Only 15 people are allowed.Small Group Only

Vehicle Travel

  • Hiring & Utilization of private vehicles only where high controls over deep cleaning can be executed and logs of such activity recorded.
  • Compulsory wearing of face masks by all participants and guides when travelling in vehicles. Participants are advised to bring their own face mask.
  • Maintain fresh air ventilation in vehicles and avoid air conditioning is compulsory in any kind of weather situations.
  • Exclusion of any participant presenting with COVID symptoms from travelling in the vehicle at the same time as other non-symptomatic participants.


  • Stringent hand washing/sanitization before, during and after, food preparation.
  • Guides to prepare and serve all food using face masks at all times during food preparation/serving.
  • Passengers not to touch group utensils.
  • Participants are not to assist with cooking.

On Track

  • Maintain social distancing procedures on the trail.

Trip Guides & Staff

  • Vigilant monitoring of staff health – guides who have shown any symptoms will not be leading trips.

Bring your own face mask & Sanitizer

Don’t throw your face mask anywhere; dispose it properly in a dustbin.

Important Notes

Synopsis of COVID-19 Safety Measures
  • Trekking is a sport where social distancing is difficult. You camp in tents, eat together, help each other on trails and trek closely together. While we use common-sense and general precautions to keep everyone safe, please be aware of this reality as well.
  • So, we have to maintain a "Social Distancing" as much as the trek allows.
  • We are not only worried about the safety of trekkers but the safety of our mountain folk as well. We are wary of taking the virus to the mountains, which can be a calamity. Health care systems in the mountains are negligible.
  • The private transport vehicle will be sanitized for your use.
  • The travellers are all expected to wear masks properly for as long as they are in the enclosed space of a vehicle.
  • Any time trekkers are gathered together (during briefings, etc.), trekkers will be expected to wear masks.
  • To keep local residents isolated, trekkers will not be allowed to venture into any villages or interact with locals on the way.
  • Keep physical distancing and hand/cough hygiene in mind at all times, and avoid sharing food, drink or equipment with others.

In completing these assessments we follow the recommended protocols for physical distancing measures, health and hygiene principles.

We frequently review all aspects of our adventures to ensure we are providing you with the safest possible travel experience.

stay safe, but keep dreaming BIG!

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  1. Sachin Pandurang Walunj

    Very nice instructions given Vishal Sir. We will follow the instructions & enjoy trekking with SG-TREKKERS again. 🤗

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