Do’s & Don’ts While Watching Fireflies

be a responsible & disciplined nature lover.


For Watching Fireflies

• Watch fireflies from distance; don’t try to handle or grab it.
• Respect local guide & villagers.
• Obey the instructions given by trek leaders & follow it.
• Wear dark clothes like dark green, camouflage or eco-friendly colours; No Bright clothes.
• Use shoes, and be careful since this period is also the end of hibernation for various insects, snakes, etc.


For Watching Fireflies

• Don’t Littering / Noise Pollution / Music.
• Don’t use of flashlights of your torch, mobile torch or the Camera flash.
• Don’t use deodorants of any kind while going for nature trails.
• Don’t talk loudly while going for nature trails.
• Don’t smoke & drink alcohol; strictly prohibited. (Actions will be taken)
• Don’t enter the forest without permission; Don’t leave the trail.
• Don’t carry any eatable items with you while going for nature trails; Also don’t feed wildlife.

written by

vishal kakade

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