So after 26 years our dream came true

It was 26 years ago, we had been to Bhandardara dam and from there to the base of Kalsubai peak, the Bari village. The lush green fields at Bari, the romantic mood still so fresh in our memory. It was then, we had Kalsubai peak in our bucket list. As we both love wandering, we did quite a few treks but somehow the “Everest of Maharashtra” was not calling us. Fortunately, in the last week, SG Trekkers informed us about this one and we were just so excited…Come what may but we have to make it is what we said. Situations were not very favourable but were firm on our goal.

Our group of 35 decent participants was led by the energetic Vishal with whom we have done several Treks. We started our journey late at night with a plan to view the sunrise from the top. However, we reached Bari village only at 4.30 a.m. We were treated with unexpected breakfast (unexpected because we were told we would have our own dabbas when we reach midway)……. Garama garama pohe with sev and nimbu….what every trekker looks forward to early morning. We started our trek at 5.30 a.m with all excitement and enthusiasm. The ascend in the first hour and a half was quite hectic but eventually, it followed by metal ladders which made the climbing a bit easy. The sun’s opening in the clouds coloured the sky with blue and grey shades streaked with silvers and golds. We got the first glimpse of the peak when we were almost at 1300 meters.

And then…finally there was a sense of accomplishment of being on the highest peak of Maharashtra. The weather was extremely chill which did not permit us to take a leisure round on the mount. The cloudy sky only gave us a misty view of AMK forts trio and the Bhandardara dam. The green fields were a treat to watch from the peak.

The descend was quite easy and we could reach the base in 3 hours. At a point, we were feeling so exhausted and were just waiting for the village to arrive….when a monkey came uninvited and grabbed our bakarwadis from our backpack which brought back our excitement and our feet moved faster towards the village where our food was waiting for us.

.….so after 26 years, our dream came true.
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Deepali Kulkarni
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  1. महेंद्र

    अभिनंदन… असेच ट्रेक करत रहा…आणि लिहीत ही रहा… छान लिहाले आहे

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