Outdoor Apparels

On day hiking, we all are suffering from heat while walking through the Sahyadri hills, but we can save ourselves from sunburn & heat. If we use t-shirts, hats which are covered with hands, neck, ears, and head, then we have less trouble in an outdoor.

That’s why our club is introducing full arm t-shirts with a collar of synthetic fabric and ear-covered hat in camouflage cotton fabric colour.
Also, Hoodies are available.

Trek Gear on Rent

Trekking is a sport done on two legs. You should not be spending a lot of money to enjoy a simple sport like this.
The gear you need for a trek does not come cheap. If you are looking to buy even your very basic gear like Trek shoes, padded jackets, tents, sleeping bags, etc. they are quite expensive. They do burn a hole in your pocket.

By renting, you are reducing the cost of your trek substantially.

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