Harihar-Bhaskargad-Durg-Bhandar Forts & Brahmagiri Hills

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2 Days 2 Nights
Availability : 8-9 Feb 2020
Min Age : 10+
Max People : 30
Features About Place
  • 75 degree climb on the stair at Harihar Fort
  • Explore the iconic structure of the Harihar fort
  • Lesser known “Bhaskargad Fort”
  • Unique experience of exploring Well-known pilgrimage “Brahmagiri Hills”
  • Adjoin Durg-Bhandar Fort-Neglected place by travellers
  • Great escape to hills near by Nashik
Trimbak, Nashik
Nirgudpada Village
Max. Height (Ft.)
7-8 Hrs Daily
About Place
The Trimbakeshwar Range
Nashik Region

Trimbak range has spread its arms to the north of Igatpuri and west of Nasik. It is divided mainly in two parts, with forts of Bhaskargad/Basgad Fort, Utvad Fort, the hill of Fani/Fani Dongar, Harihar Fort and Trimbakgad on one part while the forts of Anjaneri and Hargad on the other. Vaitarna is the main river in this region. But due to the one-sided slope of Sahyadri, the water flows away from this region. There is an absolute shortage of water from January to March in this region.

The hill forts around Trimbak are very fascinating to climb. Trimbak is a popular pilgrim centre and is served by frequent buses from Nashik.

HARIHAR FORT (3676 ft.)

a.k.a Harshgad

Harihar is a unique fort in the Sahyadri, built on a triangular prism of rock. Its three faces and two edges are vertical. The third edge is inclined at an angle of about 75 degrees. It brings to you a different type of stone staircase which has been cut for providing trekkers with a pocket like a grip to climb easily.

While climbing the fort, we come across a rock-sheet, which has got one-metre-wide rocky staircase carved in it. Also, many grooves have been carved here for additional support. After climbing these steps, we get up to the entrance door. There is a cavern ahead of this door. Again we come across few steps after a short distance walk from this cavern. On climbing these steps we reach to the main entrance door of this fort. The fort has got a tapering plateau with a raised level in the middle.

Harihar Fort trek is one of the must-try treks in the Western Ghats and makes for a great weekend getaway near Trimbakeshwar as well as Nashik.


a.k.a Basgad

The base village of this fort is Nirgudpada, which is 20 km away from Trimbakeshwar. From Nirgudpada, the forts Harihar and Bhaskargad are visible, and Bhaskargad is to the left side of the village. We need to cross a rivulet to reach the trail to the fort, which takes us to the steps after a hike for an hour and a half.

The forts in this region are built on characteristically shaped mountains. The mountain of Bhaskargad comprises mainly of basalt rock. The steps are cut through the mountain rock and take us through the stone walls towards the main entrance, which is buried under soil now. We have to enter by crawling. Once we reach the cap of the mountain, we can roam about the edge of the fort. We can find some remnants of houses and cisterns on the fort top.

There is one main gate on the main entrance path of the fort. The main entrance gate and the rock-cut steps are carved in the same rock. There is a rock-cut water cistern on the fort. There is a rough idol of Veer Maruti on the fort.
It takes about half an hour to visit all the places on the fort.

Bharhmgiri Hill (4248 ft)

a.k.a Trimbakgad Fort

In the past, the whole Trimbak range was considered an impregnable fort. In the ancient times, one of the trade routes from Maharashtra to Gujarat used to pass through this hill range and Bramhagiri/Trimbakgad fort was built for its protection. Since the medieval period, this fort has been unconquered.
The hill-range is almost 16 km broad at the base and about 6 km long on the top. The real source of the Godavari river is located at an ancient temple on its upper plateau.
Regular steps lead up to the temple. A narrow passage in the rock is cut 4 to 6 ft. with about 300 steps. The top of this fort is a large grassy plateau. Anjaneri, Harihar fort, Fani Dongar can be seen from the top.
Brahmgiri is a prominent pilgrimage site with temple and shelter available. This fort is well known for one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva which is called as “Trimbakeshwar”.

Durg-Bhandar Fort

While Brahmagiri is visited often because it has the source of the river Godavari, Durg-Bhandar remains unexplored.
From the Bhrahmgiri plateau, Way to Durg Bhandar starts from a temple of Shiv Jata where the route passes to the north direction. As you keep walking along the trail, you will come across a very interesting route. There are two sets of underground steps carved in the stone that lead you to Durg Bhandar. You have to crawl to enter this beautiful staircase created painstakingly built in the 16th century!

It has very few remains and is believed to have served as a watchtower. There are a few water tanks, but the water in them is not potable. The fort gives a beautiful view of the entire Trimbak town, the nearby forts of Harihar and Basgad, and a nearby lake.

The Travel Plan

DAY 0Night Travelling

22:00 – Reporting to the SG Team.
22:59 – Travel to the base village from Pune.

Day 1Harihar & Bhaskargad Fort

05:00 – Reach base village, Nirgudpada Village.
05:30 – Freshen Up, Breakfast+Tea
06:00 – Group introduction & briefing about the trek.
06:15 – Commence trek to “Harihar Fort”.
08:00 – Reach Staircase.
10:30 – Reach on top of Harihar Fort. Explore Plateau.
11:30 – Start descend.
13:30 – Reach base village; Lunch.
14:30 – Start to ascend Bhaskargad Fort. Explore.
17:00 – Reach base village. Setup Campsite.
18:00 – Enjoy the Evening.
20:00 – Have A Warm Dinner.
21:30 – Day Stumps.

Day 2Bhrahmgiri, Durg-Bhandar & Trimbakeshwar

05:00 – A wakeup call. Get freshen up.
05:30 – Visit “Trimbakeshwar Temple”.
06:00 – Breakfast. Start to ascend Bhrahmgiri hill.
08:00 – Explore Plateau, Temples, & other places.
09:30 – Exciting walk towards “Durg-Bhandar”.
13:00 – Descend at Trimbak. Lunch
15:00 – Travel to Pune.
22:00 – Reach Pune with Happy Memories & Non-Biodegradable waste.

Travelling Details
Pune to Pune
Fri, 07 Feb 2020 - 22:00
Bus Route
Pick-up Points

Shivajinagar > Aundh > Kasarwadi > Nashik > Trimbak > Nirgudpada (Base)

22:00 – Shivajinagar
22:30 – Aundh
22:59 – Kasarwadi

  • Please Come 15 min before at your pickup point to avoid getting late.
Sun, 09 Feb 2020 - 23:00
  • Shivajinagar, Pune - 05
  • We may come before/after 1hr due to traffic situations.
What's Include in Fees
  • Private Transport – from/to Pune
  • 2 Breakfast, 2 Lunch, 1 Dinner
  • Tent on Sharing (2x2, 4x4)
  • First Aid Kit
  • An Experienced Trek Leads
  • Personal expenses & Anything specifically not mentioned in the ‘inclusions list’.
Trip Essentials
Things to Carry List
  • Backpack
  • Trekking Shoes & Extra Socks Pair
  • Full Sleeves: T-Shirt & Pant
  • Cap/Hat, Rain Jacket, Thermals (Seasonal)
  • Extra Cloths, Slipper for Use After the Trek
  • Water 3-4 Ltr.
  • Dry Food Items
  • Personal Medicines, If Any
  • Torch
  • Sleeping Bag/Carry Mat/ Shawl
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Harihar-Bhaskargad-Durg-Bhandar Forts & Brahmagiri Hills

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